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Professor Harry West

Team Members: Shawn Amirthan, Meghna Mehta, Sebastian Sanchez

Fall 2020

The design challenge assigned for the semester was a challenge to “design for density” in a world that is currently suffering from a pandemic. Our team’s territory was city nightlife, we were challenged to create some sort of intervention that completed some goal within this territory. We found through research that there is an opportunity to provide the necessary safety measures to optimize customer experience and revenue streams at nightlife establishments.
Research showed us that as the COVID-19 pandemic causes a more regulated nightlife experience, bar owners were struggling to pay their employees and make rent. Attendance at bars and nightlife venues was declining and constrained. We discovered through interviews that the social landscape of bars has changed completely, and that customers were forced to compromise this social aspect in their night time outings.
Territory research
Customer research
We reframed the idea with research and customer interviews in mind. We were able to create and reinforce an outdoor solution by implementing a space that brought multiple bars from a local area to New York City open streets. The idea was that an outdoor COVID-19 safe environment that attracted customers with a multi-bar experience would serve as a substitute for indoor bars and would bring back a bar-like atmosphere without the customers compromising their own safety.
Barhub video showcase
Barhub video showcase.
The solution showed BarHub is able to provide consistent experience that is exciting each visit, due to its changing bar variety and vibrant, safe atmosphere. This experience was built with bar owners and staff in mind, in order to allow them to both advertise and sell their drinks at a satellite location.