Newburgh Free Library

May 2019

The city of Newburgh, which lies in the Hudson valley, is currently looking for ways to revitalize local culture and celebrate their community. The local Newburgh Free Library offered to collaborate with ideas that would be presented to the head librarians to draw the community to the library in new ways.
Newburgh library cone intervention.
Much of local history is kept in the library and spread through oral history. This combination of local culture and oral history led to an intervention that resulted in the cone. The cone was constructed after the shape of a classic theatre, intending to create a space for book readings and oral history tellings. Modularity of the structure was introduced by cutting it into mobile pieces in order to extend the function of the structure to more activities.
Newburgh library collage.
Paper model configuration 1.
Paper model configuration 2.
Paper model configuration 3.
Google maps view with cone 1.
Google maps view with cone 2.
Rhino rendering of cone.
Final cone design.